Justin Bieber Talks Usher On Bethenny (VIDEO)

June 27, 2012

Everybody’s favorite pop star paid a visit to Bethenny Frankel on her new show this week, where he dished on his mentor, and cozied up with the former housewife turned talk show host.

In case you haven’t had the chance, you must check out the show. She is so amazingly relatable, and has a completely different sit-down approach with celebrities. She asks the question I would always want to know, and keeps things simple and charming.

That was exactly the case when the Biebs sat down to talk it out with Bethenny. The interview airs Thursday in select markets, but you can get a nice preview right here.

Here are a few snippets from their interview together:

Bethenny: Usher basically stamped you. I don’t know if you know this but what Usher did for you is what Ellen did for me. Basically said, I believe in you and you go be you…If you need me we can talk about it. She basically said, here’s your show. It’s kind of the same thing. So how has the relationship been? What has Usher said to you? What kind of advice did he give you?

Justin: He’s always just told me to have fun. Because people can tear at you and bring you down and at the end of the day you’re working long days and you can get tired and start resenting it unless you have fun. He said just to make sure with everything keep a smile on your face and have fun.

You can tell that he really takes the “having fun” part of his advice seriously. It seems like Biebs doesn’t take things too seriously.

Bethenny: Have you ever had your heart broken? Have you ever had that feeling that you would die of a broken heart?

Justin: I think to a small degree. Not really, I think that I’m still young. You know, I’m growing you know there is only time. Time can tell.

Bethenny: I’m hoping you don’t ever feel like you can die from a broken heart….

Justin: I don’t die from a broken heart?

Bethenny: No but people feel like that….

Justin: Feel like that of course, like you can’t eat….

Somehow I think Bethenney doesn’t exactly mean when you are having trouble eating, but we’ll give him credit for seeming innocent. Check out some clips from their session below.

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

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