Johnny Depp Dating Amber Heard?

June 27, 2012

Has Johnny Depp already found himself a new lady love? The rumor mill is a buzzing that he and his Rum Dairy co-star Amber Heard are an item.

Last week it was confirmed that Depp had split from his girlfriend and baby mama Vanessa Paradis ending their 14-year relationship. Now the Net has heated up with the rumor that Johnny is dating Heard. Amber herself just ended a two year relationship with her girlfriend.

The Chicago Sun Times recently ran a story indicating that the two co-stars were more than just friends and that their relationship is what caused the end of Johnny and Vanessa. Celebuzz is reporting that the actor gave Heard a horse and that alleged action is of course adding fuel to fire of this rumor.

The two have yet to be photographed together and of course the ultra private Depp is keeping quiet about this latest rumor, which is not surprising at all. I mean Johnny certainly keeps his personal life hidden from the public and that is totally fine. So what that means is that we know nothing at this time. I mean sure anyone can speculate but until they appear on a Red Carpet together and not to promote a movie they did or one of them confirms it then it will simply be a rumor.

If these two are getting it on so to speak then all I can say is that he sure doesn’t waste any time does he. Of course there are lots of rumors that he was not exactly Mr. Faithful to Paradis during their time together so if that is the case I guess moving on so fast it not so unexpected for him. That my friends is all I have for you now because well there isn’t a lot of detail on this latest Depp rumor but if I find out more info you will be the first to know.

Photos by: Wenn

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