Part 2 Gene Simmons in Africa Recap

June 26, 2012

Last night on Gene Simmons Family Jewels, we got Part 2 of Gene and Shannon′s honeymoon trip to Africa. To recap Part 1, Shannon has decided that she wants to adopt a baby. Gene, as well as their current offspring, Nick and Sophie, think this is a bad idea. Shannon′s desires have also caused her sister Tracy to want another baby using her last frozen embryo. Tracy then offered her egg to Shannon to carry, but then reversed her gift the next day, sending Shannon into a deep depression. Gene tries to cheer her up by offering to take her anywhere in the world for a honeymoon. Shannon agrees and picks Africa, hoping that by visiting orphanages which Gene helps fund, might change his mind on the adoption issue.

The saga of Shannon wanting Gene to agree to adopt a baby continues on Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Image Credit: Chris Hatcher / PR Photos.

So as Part 2 begins, the happy couple arrive in Zambia where Shannon arranges tours with the ChildFund organization. Gene is totally surprised when they arrive at one village where one of Gene′s sponsored children lives. Gene is overcome with emotions as he meets Edward, a 14-year old boy. Gifts are exchanged and they head off to another village. This one has some 850 children attending the ChildFund school. When Gene learns that many of the children go hungry, he opens his heart and checkbook and offers to fund the $65 per day to see to it that all of the children get a good meal.

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Tracy begins a regiment of prenatal vitamins and supplements. Sophie gets wind of this and tells one of her cousins, Tracy′s daughter, about it. Oh-Oh! We also have Sophie′s boyfriend, Nick paying her a surprise visit. He hangs out with Brother Nick, who gives the boyfriend the 3rd Degree, finding out that Boyfriend Nick has a surprise for Sophie that will involve a 12 to 15 year commitment. The surprise turns out to be a puppy dog!

Back in Zambia, Gene and Shannon visit other villages, including one where Gene meets another of his sponsored children, Esther. She′s 16 and wants to become a nurse. Her mother just died recently from pneumonia but does not have the money to go to nursing school. At another village, they find over 700 children in desperate need of school supplies and equipment, such as desks. The wheels begin turning inside Gene′s head.

Relaxing at their hotel, Gene confronts Shannon about using the trip to Africa to promote her adoption cause. Shannon shoots back that Gene is using the trip to distract her from wanting to adopt. Things may have gotten ugly but thanks to an email from Sophie, telling her parents how proud she is of them for helping the children in Zambia, the next day turns out to be very productive. They revisit Esther where Gene makes her a deal to fund her nurses training. Gene had been sponsoring 140 children through before the trip to Africa. Now he′s added on another 1,200, plus is setting up a scholarship fund and assisting with other expenses. But will this philanthropy be enough to satisfy Shannon and end her dreams of adopting a baby? What about Tracy? Will her family reject her decision to get pregnant again? Tune in next week to Gene Simmons Family Jewels to find out!

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