Willow Smith Tongue Piercing Photos Hit Web

June 25, 2012

For some reason, there are a few things that every adolescent kid wants to do: dye their hair, and poke holes in themselves. I guess this is even true of Will Smith’s children.

The only reason this is news worthy is because she is only 11-years-old. It doesn’t really matter that she is the daughter of a celebrity, eleven is pretty ridiculously young to do any of that. Obviously she either had to do it somehow in a sneaky way, or get parental consent — so what happened?

See the piercing pics HERE.

I always thought of Will Smith as one of the few minority role models that are out there today. He doesn’t usually curse, his clothes are too baggy, he is not violent, he does not do drugs, etc. At least if he does he keeps it very low-key.

As for his kids, as soon as they got old enough, they started working on their careers as performers. It was pretty impressive.

The story comes to us from D-Listed that she has a huge stud on her tongue. There is some question about whether or not it is real, but it is pretty convincing.

I personally could not believe that Will Smith would allow it. I’m sure he wants to let his children “express themselves,” especially because they are trying to make it in show business, but he seems like the kind of father that would put his foot down about a tongue ring.

As for right now, if I were Will or Jada, I would make sure that to explain to Willow how important “image” is. All of the gnarly dyed hair and the funky looking jewelry might be cool, but it’s not going to work for the direction her career could be heading.

I guess Willow is going through regular teenage stuff, the only problem is it could ruin her career.

Wake up Will Smith.


Photos By: WENN.COM/Ivan Nikolov

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