Mario Lopez Does Bethenny (VIDEO)

June 25, 2012

Mario Lopez joined Bethenny Frankel on her new talk show where he spoke about life as a father, and well, a few more things that will have to save for after the jump.

For me, Mario Lopez is always the cute guy form Saved By The Bell. Sure, Zach was great, but Mario was the muscle man. So when I started seeing him popping back up on television a few years ago I got excited. First it was some corny home video clips show, then he picked up the gig hosting America’s Best Dance Crew.

He is actually a pretty good television host.

So it’s interesting to take a peek inside his mind, to see what he is really about. Bethenny (btw my fav housewife ever) got the chance to sit down and interview him. We got special access to some great pics of his appearance on her new show “Bethenny” and even a video clip of him getting up close and personal with the Skinny Girl herself.

The interview started with the topic of child support, and ended up going into a raunchy direction — but that is Bethenny for you.

As for the child support issue, Bethenny asked Mario what he thought of some wealthy celebs who end up seeking thousands in child support a month:

Bethenny: Halle Berry was ordered to pay $20,000 a month to her daughter’s father….so people are kind of freaking out about that. And I want to know what you think about it?

Mario: People are freaking out because of the sum, but also because it’s a woman that’s paying it for a man. And most of the time the shoe is on the other foot. But, I know a lot of guys, who are like all right one for the guys. But, at the same time, even when it’s on the other foot. I’m like really how much money does it really take to… but I know thing whole, Bethenny, is it’s a lifestyle in which she’s accustomed to. She’s 4 years old. What is she accustomed to? Coloring?

Then came the question of the most appropriate name for the female anatomy:

Bethenny: I’m interested in talking about the fact that the word vagina, which is an anatomical term…There are so many worse words to say.

TracyMcMillan: It’s like earlobe.

Bethenny: Yeah, earlobe

Mario: But found inappropriate in front of Congress, right? She should’ve went with cucci or something. What names do you have for it?

Bethenny: Right.

Mario: What names do you have?…My mom would say, I tell my little girl ok, let’s clean your cucci. When you’re changing diapers, right?

Bethenny: For Bryn, it’s woo woo. So she should have said, I’m glad your interested in my woo woo.

Tracy: ….Because they are all thinking like eighth graders.

Bethenny: Why can’t we say the name?

Loni Love: Because they don’t get it enough, that’s why. When they don’t get it enough and they hear it. They’re like awww!

Bethenny: They don’t know what it is. They haven’t seen one in a while. Can everybody say it together, on the count of three, say vagina and we’ll see if we’re all ok. 1,2,3…Vagina…

Bethenny: You didn’t say it [to Mario]. You’re the one man in here and you didn’t say it.

Mario: I’m trying to be respectful.

Bethenny: Just say it one time.

Mario: Cucci…

Bethenny: Making people uncomfortable…

For more, tune into Bethenny’s new show. Feel free to check out the video of the interview below…

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