Jenny McCarthy Playboy PHOTOS

June 25, 2012

Jenny McCarthy’s Playboy cover was released today and I have to say, girlfriend is smokin’!!

Jenny has done a total of six covers and seven pictorials for the magazine and she looks the same as she did in 1993! She is HOT!!! I actually had to look up how old she was, and was shocked to learn she is 39. 29 is the new 19 in this case I guess.

I went back and found her old Playboy covers and have posted them below for you to check out, but I have to say, I think this one is my favorite. It is not really surprising that Jenny did another cover, as Playboy gave her a great start to her career. She first posed for the magazine in 1993 and in 1994 she was named Playmate of the year. She has also done photography for the brand along with several other modeling gigs.

McCarthy is featured on the cover of our July/August 2012 issue, which also includes an 8-page nude pictorial. Photographer Steve Shaw did the whole photoshoot. The issue hits newsstands this Friday, June 29 and I am sure a bit from her interview will be released prior. This is all that came out today, but I am sure that more snippets will come out before Friday. This is a must have issue!

It is hard to believe how far Jenny has come, she sure did a good job staying relevant, unlike some of her other MTV coworkers (I miss Carmen Electra and Kennedy!!) The MTV retromania programs are really bringing it back to my Singled Out days! Daria – ah what fun times. I am so glad to see Jenny keeping it main stream, she is far too funny and beautiful to forget.

What do you think of Jenny McCarthy’s Playboy 2012 cover? Which one is your favorite?

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