Virgin Atlantic Calls Octomom’s Bluff

June 25, 2012

As we reported earlier, Nadya Suleman has been raising a stink about a flight she and her manager took from California to NYC recently. But what really happened?

The original story goes that the mother of multiples filed an official complaint with the airline, stating that she and her manager were singled out, harassed, and just plain picked on by flight staff for the airline.

She then told TMZ that she was moved around to different parts of the airplane, and that her drinks were never brought to her. Her manager also says that she was kicked out of the bathroom.

Part of her beef was that they were laughing at her and saying they knew who she was.

Now we are hearing the airline’s side of things.

They not only called the complaints a bunch of nonsense, but instead turned things around on Octo, saying:

“(Nadya Suleman and her manager) had to be asked repeatedly to observe safety regulations.”

The only thing that appears to be true about any of their complaint was that the manager was kicked out of the bathroom. The airline insists that is because she started to use it even while they were getting ready to land.

I personally think this is another one of Octomom’s ridiculous stunts. I feel bad for her because I think she was forced to become a fake celeb. She didn’t seem to want to be one, but for some reason she got a lot of attention. Now she is doing all of those D-lister stunts, like girl boxing, lame web-streaming, adult films, etc.

She reminds me of Lindsay Lohan’s dad, only she hasn’t directly used her children for financial gain. Yet.

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