Adele’s Album Insipred By Bisexual Lover

June 23, 2012

Adele’s album was inspired by her bisexual lover and we are all dying to know his name. This guy would be so hated if he was ever revealed, but he could also bank off of it for a while. Guess he is not wanting to risk it, and perhaps he is not the jerk he comes off as in the album. Perhaps he did care about their relationship, the fact that he has not come forward means something right – gives him some redeeming quality?

It didn’t even happen to me but I am sad for Adele. Apparently after the two had a romantic relationship and Adele declared her feelings, the guy took off – with one of her gay friends!! Wow, talk about betrayal! But six Grammys later – I think she actually owes him a thanks!

Of course we know someone seriously broke Adele’s heart but this is all coming to light again because of biographer Marc Shapiro and his unofficial bio book coming out soon. Adele: The Biography chronicles the singers life, with a specific focus on the ups and downs of her love life and the now infamous incident on her 18th birthday which went on to inspire her debut record.

He writes ‘One thing we know… Is that it was a first love gone terribly bad. Adele had professed her love and he did the same, she had known he was bisexual but, in the rush of romance, felt they could make it work. Four hours after laying their emotional cards on the table, the boy ran off with one of Adele’s gay friends!”

Well, I am sure that the bio will be full of great details but he should have waited a hot minute. The girl is only 24 and just became the superstar that she is! We know more juicy shiz will happen soon!

Do any of you know the name of Adele’s mystery bi lover?

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