Kris Jenner Put Kim On The Pill At 14

June 23, 2012

Kris Jenner was on the Bethenny show where she talked about raising her kids, and putting Kim on birth control at 14. Go ahead and judge, but I am pretty sure there would have been a grandbaby Kardashian a whole lot sooner had she not.

Lets face it, Kim is a very sexual person. I mean that is really why she is famous in the first place. So honestly Kris talking about putting Kimmy on the pill at 14 is not that shocking. In fact I will say it is responsible parenting. She says Kim came to her and told her she was “feeling sexual.’ What was she supposed to do? Give her the abstinence talk? I mean sure, do that too, but when a kid is ready, there is pretty much no stopping them. I give her props for having such an open relationship with her kids. That is wonderful that her kids feel comfortable enough to talk to her about that kid of stuff at such a young age.

Kris, who bless her heart has five girls, says it has happened for each daughter at a different age, but the response is the same:

I drive as fast as I could to the gynecologist’s office. I said to the doctor, Dr. Paul Crane is my doctor. He’s delivered all of my children and he’s delivered Mason and he’s going to deliver my granddaughter any day. So I trust him with everything inside. And so I said to him, she’s all yours. You can go in the office and have the little doctor patient talk. It was like her first time there and I said you guys got to work this out. I don’t need to know as long as you got it under control Paul Crane….

Check out the clip from Bethenny, it is quite a trip. On a side note, I am loving Bethenny, I think she is doing an awesome job! Have you checked out her talk show?

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