Tony Parker Suing WIP Over Fight

June 23, 2012

Tony Parker, who I call the former Mr. Longoria, is now suing the club that had the huge fight with Drake and Chris Brown.

As we reported earlier, a few people not involved in the fight got hurt by flying bottles, etc. One of those people was the NBA star himself. He actually got shards of glass in his eyes and might even lose his shot at playing in the Olympics.

The first thing you have to wonder is why a rich guy would sue for so much money. Yes, some wealthy people don’t mind adding a few more zeroes onto their bank accounts just for fun. But in this case his career could really be affected.

Parker is making some serious money in the NBA right now, and the glass that he says hit is eye caused some pretty serious damage. He is apparently not able to play basketball right now, and might lose his spot on the French Olympic team because of the injury.

The only strange thing to me is that he isn’t suing the people involved in the fight, but he is actually suing the night club itself. The whole purpose is that he feels the club should have known there was “bad blood” between Drake and Chris Brown.

What’s funny is that I didn’t even know they had problems. Maybe I am out of touch with this kind of thing, but I am just disgusted that Rihanna would even look in the same direction as Chris Brown. Yuck. Much less that he could even be involved with her enough to have a problem with another guy because of it. That is so disgusting.

So I am thinking that it is pretty stupid to try to sue a club because they “should have known” something. How can you prove that they had knowledge of something, but then didn’t act on it? They would have to have some testimony about a conversation or even emails or texts to prove that they were aware, right?

Maybe I have been watching too much Judge Judy. We will see how this one plays out. He wants $20 million. Sheesh.


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