Nadya Suleman Gets Second Class Treatment

June 23, 2012

Nadya Suleman aka Octomom claims she got less than first class treatment, or maybe even less than coach class treatment on a recent flight — all because she is the legendary mother of multiples.

So what happened? Well, TMZ reported today that Suleman was complaining about being singled out by the flight crew of a Virgin Atlantic flight. She was apparently traveling with her manager Gina Rodriguez when the unthinkable happened.

So why is it news that a pseudo-celeb gets treated like garbage? Well, because it seems like Octomom has finally realized that the only way she can make money off of her so-called celebrity status is to get grimy. She has explored stripping and allegedly even the adult films industry, so this is just another example of her image heading for the bottom of the barrel.

Reports state that she was flying from California to New York when she noticed that the airline crew figured out who she was. That’s when she says they started messing with her. Octomom states that she never got her drinks and was forced to play musical plane seats for no reason. The woman traveling with her that she apparently calls a “manager” says that she was kicked out of the bathroom for no reason.

This story has gone from slightly ridiculous to completely absurd because they actually filed a complaint with the airline. She told TMZ:

“I was shocked to say the least how poorly they treated me on the plane. I would never book a flight on Virgin America again.”

I have to wonder if something else will come of this. So far we haven’t heard anything from the airline, but it’s pretty likely that they will send out a generic statement. We shall see…

Photos By: WENN.COM/Hugh Dillon

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