Kristen Stewart: ‘Forbes Magazine’ Highest Paid Actress

June 19, 2012

Holy cow, Kristen Stewart is Forbes highest paid actress! She raked in $34.5 million! I know Twilight made her a super star but dang!!!

I was really shocked to see that Kristen took the top spot in all honesty. Of course the usual stars made the list, you know – Cameron Diaz in second place, Sandra Bullock in third, Angelina Jolie in fourth, Charlize Theron in fifth, and Julia Roberts in the sixth spot.

Every year it surprises me that Sarah Jessica Parker makes the list. Of course we know Carrie Bradshaw made her millions, but she is not the best actress, nor the prettiest. But one of the more likable, I suppose. I adore her. She came in seventh place, while Meryl Strep (REALLY?!?!?) came in eighth.

In 9th is Bridesmaid Kristin Wigg and of course America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston keeps herself relevant with mediocre films that we can’t help but watch.

I’m sorry but I just can’t get over Kristen Stewart making that much money for her horrible, lip biting, awkward acting skills. She can certainly thank Stephenie Meyer for making her a household name cause I don’t think “Panic Room” or “Jumper” put her in that kind of limelight. Oh, well, we will see if the nostalgia wears off after Breaking Dawn part two comes and goes. I will admit, I have to check out Snow White and the Huntsmen. It looks… interesting.

I am totally shocked however, to see that my favorite leading lady, Reese Witherspoon didn’t make the list! She not only usually makes it, but also rocks out at the top! I guess she is kind of taking a break laying low after her nuptials and pregnancy. I hope to see her back on top soon, she is too amazing to be off the gird long.

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