Gene and Shannon Simmons to Adopt?

June 19, 2012

Regular viewers of the A&E Reality TV series, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, will know that Gene and his wife, Shannon Tweed-Simmons, have been through a lot. Last season, the series went from comedy to high drama as Shannon threatened to leave Gene after 27 years unless he stopped cheating. Gene sought counseling and eventually, he proposed marriage to Shannon and she accepted. So you would think that Shannon would be happy now? Nope! Now she wants to have another child, even adopting one if need be. The problem is, Gene, nor the children, Nick and Sophie, think this is a good idea.

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed-Simmons are still newlyweds, but are now considering adoption. Image Credit: Chris Hatcher / PR Photos.

Now, last season, I was on Shannon′s side. She deserved to be treated better by Gene. He does have a lot of issues and they are still seeing their therapist, Dr. Ann Wexler. So one would think that Dr. Wexler might be more inclined to cool Shannon′s jets on this adoption idea? Gene does not want to do it. Their son, Nick is dead set against it. Sophie, their daughter, is against the idea as well. In fact, she raised the concern with Shannon that adding a new child into the family could send Gene back down the path of seeking attention from other women again.

Then we get Tracy Tweed, Shannon′s sister, who not only is backing up Shannon on the adoption idea, but at one point in last night′s episode, offered Shannon her last frozen embryo to use! At first, Tracy wanted to use it herself so she could have a baby at the same time Shannon adopts. Shannon tells Gene about the offer and he is against it. Fortunately, Tracy wised up the next morning and withdrew her offer, which made Shannon depressed.

So Gene tries to brighten her up by suggesting that they finally take their honeymoon vacation and tells Shannon they will go where ever she wants. Shannon decides on Africa, due to Gene′s involvement with the charity group, the ChildFund. This is the one you see TV ads for where for a monthly donation, you help one child and will receive a picture and sometimes a letter from that child. Gene is not crazy about going to Africa but hopes the trip will serve as a distraction to the adoption issue. When Nick hears about the trip, he immediately asks his parents if they are going to do a ′Brad-Jolina?′ LOL!

The happy couple arrive in South Africa and at first Gene seems pleased. Their first stop is a First Class resort that offers golf and safaris. They are greeted by a group of local children who sing and dance for the couple. The next day, they leave the comfort of the resort and head off to tour a game preserve. Gene and Shannon encounter the full range of African creatures: lions, elephants, rhinos, zebras, etc. They spend the night in the field at a camp site, staying in a rather nice, but flimsy tent. Both are warned by the wardens about venturing outside after dark due to the animals.

The third day, they visit a rescue shelter for exotic animals who are being restored to the wild. The warden tells them about how some lionesses will ′adopt′ a lion cub that has been deserted by its real mother. Shannon uses this to try selling Gene to her adoption desires. Gene finally begins to realize that the whole point of Shannon choosing Africa was to promote her cause. Next week on Gene Simmons Family Jewels, they will visit a ChildFund community where Gene and Shannon will meet with orphaned children. Oh-oh!

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