Chris Brown, Drake Fight Fallout Continues

June 15, 2012

As you know by now, the Chris Brown, Drake fight has made waves online and in the media. But what is very clear now is that neither performer suffered any injuries, but some of the people nearby did.

The story goes that the man convicted of savagely beating Rihanna has been beefing with Drake via Twitter. The two apparently disagree over who can take ownership over Ri-Ri, who has been romantically linked to both of them.

Reports just hit recently that, despite the whole beating incident, Rihanna still links up with Chris Brown on occasion. But more recently, she and Drake were supposedly together. That is what sparked the issue. I’m guessing that Drake also doesn’t like the idea of Brown beating on Rihanna, and might not be over it yet.

So now both performers were at the same club when the fight started. It turns out that Drake began to talk smack to Brown’s security and things got out of control from there.

The fall out from the fight is continuing because we are now learning of more injuries. The worst was by far to one of Brown’s security team, who was apparently injured by someone who was on his own side. A bottle was apparently thrown from close range and accidentally clobbered him in the head. Pictures of him in the hospital with a bloody head were circulating the web today.

Yet another injury was to NBA star Tony Parker, who TMZ says suffered a pretty serious eye injury.

The basketball star said:

“the cornea has been touched. I can’t do anything for seven days. But I was lucky. The injury won’t prevent me from competing in the Olympics in any way.”

He is supposed to compete for the French Olympic team coming soon. It would have been really lame if this nonsense got in the way of that.

So we will keep you up to date if we hear anything new, until then, let’s see if Chris Brown and Drake can keep it cool for a while.

Photos By: WENN.COM/Judy Eddy/Dan Jackman

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