Saving Hope Sneak Peek Video

June 14, 2012

Happy Thursday my friends! NBC’s new summer hit show Saving Hope is brand new tonight and I have a sneak peek video that will for sure get you pumped for it.

If you haven’t seen the new NBC show Saving Hope then I strongly suggest you check it out. It is an amazing drama that will no doubt fill that void of good TV you might be missing during this summer season. The premiere last week was amazing and from what I can tell tonight’s show is going to be even better.

I realize I can’t make that kind of statement without a little back up, which is why I have a fabulous little sneak peek video of the episode tonight. In the clip you will see Alex unravel a medical mystery all while dealing with the arrival of Charlie’s ex-wife who let me just say likes to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong.

Wowza that certainly got me ready to watch Saving Hope, which is exactly what I will be doing at 9PM EST tonight. This is the kind of good summer show that will keep my TV addiction under control until the fall season starts.

In case you aren’t really sure what the show is about I will give you a little background. Charlie is a hot shot surgeon in charge, however when he ends up in a coma things going crazy at the hospital. Not only that but Charlie sees his life and the hospital in a whole new light when he has an out of body experience. I know it sounds kind of hooky the way that I am explaining it but trust me when I say it so isn’t. That is all I can really say about the show so either tune in tonight for episode 2 or if you missed the premiere check it out on demand and then let me know what you think about it.

Photos by: Wenn/Dominic Chan

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