Chris Brown & Drake’s NYC Bar Brawl Turns Bloody

June 14, 2012

An NYC bar brawl between Chris Brown and Drake has left the former a little bloody. That isn’t all either, apparently the whole thing has something to do with Rihanna, drama!

There is a lot of speculation about what went down in an NYC club last night that caused the entourages of Chris Brown and Drake to get into a brawl. The former was reportedly injured in the fight as you can tell from the above photo that he Tweeted. NYPD confirmed to TMZ that both Brown and Drake along with their respective posses were in the fight. The police further confirmed that punches as well as bottles were thrown and that about five people, including Chris sustained injuries, nothing too severe though.

Along with the photo of his cut up face Chris Tweeted this message regarding the fight, however both the comment and pic have recently been removed from his Twitter account.

“How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!.”

I am sure you are all wondering what started this fist fight at club WIP in Manhattan, well there is a lot of speculation on what started the ruckus and one name keeps popping up, Rihanna. Global Grind is reporting that Brown sent a bottle to Drake’s table, the rapper then got up and confronted Chris about RiRi. Things got heated and Drake allegedly punched the singer and hit him with a bottle.

Now at this time there has been no official confirmation on this that is simply what is being speculated. What we do know is that neither star was there when the police arrived on the scene to take statements, etc. That means we are going to have to wait for an official report or rep comment or something to get all the facts, which may never happen.

What are your thoughts on the bar brawl between Drake and Chris Brown?

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