Madonna Moon’s Crowd At Rome Concert (Video)

June 13, 2012

Madonna apparently cannot resist flashing the crowds at her concerts. Literally a couple of days after she bared her breast she mooned fans at a concert in Rome.

This is no joke my friends the controversial singer is on a roll when it comes to pushing the envelope. Her latest stunt involves her showing her butt to fans during her concert in Rome last night. Once again the incident occurred while she was performing her song “Human Nature”. Now I know this seems bad but let me just say it isn’t quite as bad as it sounds, she did have on a black lace thong. Granted it was a thong but still many people wear thong swimsuits so I don’t see this as being any different. That being said you can check out the moment for yourself in the below video, which I must warn you is not suitable for everyone.

The singer’s little buns flash comes hot on the heels of her breast flash the other day and it has many asking the question if she has gone too far? Now I don’t necessarily wonder that because well she probably has but what I want to know is this going to be a recurring trend with her. I mean when I see her in concert in September she will have probably bared all the way she is going.

I have this before and I will say it again I am a huge fan of Madonna’s. All of her controversial crap doesn’t really faze me she has been doing it for years. Doesn’t make it right I know but I am just saying doesn’t faze me personally.

Now that you have my thoughts on the singer continuing to flash her fans in concert, I want to know what you think about Madge’s latest stunt and f you think this is going to be a continuing trend?

Photos By: WENN.COm?Andres Otero

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One Response to “Madonna Moon’s Crowd At Rome Concert (Video)”

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    Geet [click here] Says:

    She is an amazing singer and great stage performer. i love her style of singing and also her latest BOOBS show…. News Top Night