Deena Cortese Arrested After Street Dance

June 12, 2012

Was Deena Cortese arrested for dancing in the streets? Well, that’s what authorities in New Jersey are saying, and I’m not surprised.

Let’s be honest. Deena probably won’t be selected for any upcoming missions to space, right? I mean, I love her to death but she is just a tad on the dim side.

That’s why I am not at all shocked to hear that she was accused of getting drunk, then jumping in to the middle of the street for a little dancing. You have to give her credit for being a free spirit, but I’m pretty sure the local cops in Seaside Heights are just a little bit tired of her and Snooki acting ridiculous.

Anyway, the official word from the police is that she was “a little intoxicated” and was standing in the middle of the street slapping cars as they drove by. The dancing part could be something that people added in to make the story more interesting, but it sure sounds like something she would do.

Instead of being fully booked and kept in jail, they just gave her a summons and sent her on her merry way.

So far MTV hasn’t said anything about the incident, but they were apparently on hand filming it for the upcoming season of the show.

The thing is, that I don’t really care very much. I love the show, but it seems like some kind of requirement to get yourself arrested.

I remember one time last season Snooki and Deena almost got busted for jumping the fence onto the beach (which is closed at night). The police simply asked them to leave, and of course, knew them by their first names.

My advice for them would be to stop pushing it. Eventually they might have to pay the piper.


Photos By: WENN.COM


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