Jimmy Fallon Releases Second Album ‘Blow Your Pants Off’

June 12, 2012

Funnyman Jimmy Fallon has released his second album and let me tell you it is pretty freaking good. Seriously who knew Fallon would have a career as a singer, well sort of.

Today marks the debut of ‘Blow Your Pants Off’ the second album by Jimmy Fallon. Now I realize some of you might be thinking it is odd that he is releasing albums and to that I say have you ever heard the guy sing, he is good. Now sticking in the true comedic fashion that is Jimmy there are some originals tunes on the album as well as some parodies.

I am super excited about Jimmy’s new album, especially since it features great guest stars like  Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Justin Timberlake and Dave Matthews just to name a few. Here is a list of tracks you will find on the album.

1. Neil Young Sings “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

2. History of Rap (featuring Justin Timberlake)

3. Tebowie

4. Scrambled Eggs (featuring Paul McCartney)

5. The Doors Sing “Reading Rainbow”

6. Balls In Your Mouth (featuring Eddie Vedder)

7. My Upstairs Neighbors Are Having Sex (And Listening to the Black Eyed Peas)

8. Bob Dylan Sings “Charles in Charge”

9. Walk of Shame (featuring Dave Matthews)

10. Slow Jam The News (featuring Brian Williams)

11. New French Girlfriend

12. Cougar Huntin’ (featuring Big & Rich)

13. You Spit When You Talk

14. Friday (featuring Stephen Colbert)

15. Neil Young Sings “Whip My Hair” (featuring Bruce Springsteen)


For those of you like myself who will so be wanting a copy of this album you can find it at well any music store or you can order it online at www.nbcuniversalstore.com. I already ordered it and let me just say I love it! “Blow Your Pants Off’ certainly put a smile on my face today and if you get it I am sure it will yours too but that is just what I think, let me know your thoughts.

Photos by: Wenn/Nikki Nelson

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