Love in the Wild Sneak Peek Videos

June 12, 2012

NBC has a brand new hit reality TV show that is all about single people looking for Love in the Wild. It may sound a little corky but trust me when I say it is so bad it is good and to prove that to you I have some fantastic sneak peek videos of tonight’s show.

Jenny McCarthy is the host of the NBC show Love in the Wild, think The Bachelor meets Survivor. While looking for love these ladies and gents endure some crazy physical challenges. Let’s just say that both their minds and bodies will be pushed to the limit. As for how these singles are suppose to meet someone, well you are in pairs when you compete of course.

Before I continue on too much how about you take a look at the first little preview video that I have for you. In this one viewers get a glimpse at all the surprises that are in store for these singles that are looking to mingle.

See it looks kind of good doesn’t it. I mean don’t get me wrong it isn’t fabulous but as I said it is so bad it is good. I watched the premiere last week and I have to say I am kind of hooked now. In a way it reminds me of The Challenge on MTV only geared towards people looking for love and of course way freaking harder.

Now for a little sneak peek that I think is kind of fun. Let me just say people have different ideas of how to celebrate with birthday cake. Enough said if you ask me, check it out.

Love in the Wild is on NBC tonight at 10PM EST. If you are looking to enjoy some more crazy reality TV fun, then I think you should give this show a try, you never know you just might love it.
Photos by: Wenn/Ivan Nikolov

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