Madonna Flashes Breast During Istanbul Concert (Video)

June 8, 2012

The oh so controversial Madonna has yet again shocked her fans. This time it involves flashing an audience at one of her concerts and yes there was naked breast for all to see.

Fans going to see Madonna in concert expect her to push the envelope so to speak, it is one of the reasons she is just an amazing performer in person. However some are speculating that during her concert in Turkey over the weekend she crossed the line. The singer showed nipple. Yep she flashed her right boob to the audience and fans got to see nipple.

According to The New York Daily News here is what went down. While performing her song “Human Nature” Madge was suggestively pulling at her top and then eventually she pulled down the right cup of her bra to expose her entire breast. The video of course has gone viral and you can see it below but I must warn you it is explicit and not suitable for everyone. If you thought that was bad, which it is, that is not the end of the story. Apparently there was a moment not too long after the incident where she stuck her hand down her pants.

Whether you find her methods to be despicable or you are a fan no matter what like me, one thing is for sure at age 53 The Queen of Pop still has everyone talking about her. Not too much has changed since she burst onto the music scene back in the 80’s. I realize some people are offended by her recent actions but I think it is par for the course with her. All of that being said I want to know what you think about Madonna’s recent actions? This is one hot topic and I know you have an opinion so let me hear it.

Photos by: Wenn

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