Mad Men Season 5 Finale Recap – The Phantom

June 11, 2012

AMC-TV aired the Season 5 finale of Mad Men last night in an episode called ′The Phantom.′ One might conclude that perhaps the ghost of Lane Pryce might show up, rattling his chains like Jacob Marley. With a warning of some nudity at the beginning, perhaps the ghost of Lane would ravage Joan in her shower? But no, while Lane had a presence and there was a ghost, Don Draper′s step-brother Adam Whitman, the only real nudity was that of Roger Sterling posing before a full-length mirror. So what did happen in the finale?

The Mad Men Season 5 finale aired last night on AMC-TV. Image Credit: Janet Mayer / PR Photos.

The fun began with Don sporting a major toothache. Megan, and her mother, Marie (who was visiting), encouraged him to see a dentist. But being a real man in the 1960s means never seeing a doctor, even a dentist, unless it is absolutely the last option. Megan felt worse than Don after she got another rejection letter for her floundering acting career. At the agency, Don arrives in time to see what is left of his creative staff floundering during a presentation to Topaz Pantyhose. With Peggy gone, the team no longer has a woman′s perspective.

The board meeting of the remaining partners of Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce was good in that revenues are way up. But Pete Campbell seems hostile to the newest partner, Joan. But Pete is having a bad day, too. He bumped into his neighbor and his wife on the train to learn that she was going out of town. She later calls Pete at the office to beg for a meeting at their favorite hotel rendezvous. There, Pete learns that her husband has admitted her to a mental facility to begin ′another′ round of shock therapy. So she wants to have sex with Pete because after the electro-shock, she′ll forget who he is. Pete reluctantly agrees and does try to talk her out of the therapy, but to no avail.

Don goes home and Megan asks him to arrange an audition for a shoe commercial his agency is working on. He tells her no and causes yet another rift between them. Meanwhile, Megan has been getting phone calls all day with nobody talking. Don answers the next call and he thinks its Marie′s husband, Emile. But actually its Roger who has been trying to reach Marie to arrange a dinner date. Marie agrees to see Roger at his apartment.

The next day, Don′s tooth is still hurting while Joan raises the issue of the company death benefit from Lane. They got a check for $175,000. Don tells her to cut a check for $50,000 to Lanes widow. Meanwhile, Megan is so depressed that she cannot get out of bed. Her mom scolds her before leaving to see Roger. Don takes the check to Lane′s widow, who scolds him for taking advantage of her husband for 3 years. Roger wants Marie to leave her husband for him. Pete comes home and argues with his wife about a swimming pool. Don comes home to find Megan drunk and Marie blames him for her unhappiness.

Finally, Don goes to see a dentist! While under gas as he gets his tooth yanked, Don sees and talks with Adam. Pete visits his neighbor′s wife at the asylum only to find that she has already forgotten all about him. Don meets Peggy Olsen at a movie theater and they catch up on life. Peggy is doing great and has a shot at winning a cigarette account. Pete meets his neighbor on the train home and they fight when the neighbor figures out that Pete was his wife′s lover. Then the train conductor beats Pete up and throws him off before reaching home. When he finally gets home, Pete′s wife is so shook up over his condition that she agrees to find him an apartment in the city.

Mad Men Season 5 then ends with a montage of several characters. Don does get an audition for Megan for the shoe commercial. Then he goes to a bar while she works. Peggy is in Richmond, Virginia hunting for cigarette advertising. Then we have Roger Sterling, alone in his apartment, standing buck naked in front of a full-length mirror admiring himself. Finally, we rejoin Don Draper at the bar where two ladies try to hit up on him. Is the old Don back? We′ll have to wait for Season 6 to find out!

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