Selena Gomez Fashion Fail in NYC

June 10, 2012

If a jacket doesn’t fit..just leave it unbuttoned, right? That’s exactly what it looks like Selena Gomez did to earn herself a rightful spot in our Fashion Fail column.

In this little ensemble, it looks like she combined some lingerie with pajamas. Throw in a strapless bra and you’ve got the outfit that she chose to wear to a Macy’s event in NYC. This wasn’t any old event, this was a perfume launch for her in Herald Square. If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting NYC, that’s the intersection of 7th and 34th, right in front of Macy’s.

Either way, this isn’t exactly a classy number. What is she trying to convey, that if you wear her fragrance you can rock some high waisted shorts and still look classy? I doubt it.


Another issue is the shoes. Aren’t they beige or khaki colored? How does that go with this off-white silky number? It doesn’t.


Hey Selena, just cause you bagged Justin Bieber, doesn’t mean you have to give up on fashion. Sheesh.


Photos By: WENN.COM/Mr. Blue



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