Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized

June 8, 2012

Breaking news alert, it is being reported that Lindsay Lohan has been hospitalized after being in a car accident.

TMZ was the first to release the story that involves Lindsay, her black Porsche and possibly a 18 wheeler. According to the website the actress and her assistant, LiLo was driving, were involved in a car cash on Pacific Coast Highway. The car is totaled and both Lohan and her assistant were taken to the hospital. Eyewitnesses say that both of them were both bleeding and bruised but seemed ok. The same witnesses are claiming that although the assistant was taken to the hospital by ambulance Lindsay was not, not sure though how she got there considering her Porsche was totaled, TMZ has the pics as proof, they are something I tell you. Even though it sounds scary reports are that Lindsay is ok and that tests are being run on her now.

As for what happened well that is a not quite clear right now. Word on the street is that the Liz & Dick actress is claiming that the 18 wheeler cut her off. There have not been any actual reports of what caused the accident released yet so that is still speculation at this point. The most important thing I that at this time it seems no one was seriously hurt.

I tell you what it just seems like trouble follows Lohan. I mean geez she finally seemed to get her legal woes under control and then this accident happened. I hope for her sake it really wasn’t her fault, I don’t know if I can take anymore of train wreck Lindsay.

That is all I have for the moment my friends but I am sure it will not be the last we hear of this story. Until then let me know if you think it was Lindsay’s fault or if she is actually blameless this time? I know we don’t know I just like to hear you speculate.


Photos by: Wenn/STS/FayesVision/Brian To/PNP

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