Ex-Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin & Miss Universe Organization Feud Heats Up

June 8, 2012

Holy moly the feud between ex-Miss Pennsylvania and the Miss Universe organization, a.k.a Donald Trump, is heating up and by that I mean things are getting nasty. Oh yeah neither side is backing down in this he said she said war of words.

There are a couple of new developments in the saga that is Sheena Monnin, formerly known as Miss Pennsylvania and Donald Trump’s Miss Universe organization. This morning Sheena was interviewed on the Today show, video below, where she did not back down from her claim that the Miss Universe pageant is rigged. In fact she was downright adamant about what she saw. Monnin insists she knows what she heard and saw.

In light of Sheena not retracting her claim, the Donald has taken action of his own. The Miss Universe organization is suing Monnin for defamation. If you recall, the business mogul gave the brunette beauty 24 hours to retract her claims that the pageant and organization are a fraud or he would sue. He didn’t lie either. Everyone knows what Donald does to people who make him look bad or bad mouth him, he becomes a bully.

Let me recap, we have a lawsuit and an accusation that the Miss USA pageant is rigged, where do we go from here? It appears that although she gave up her crown Sheena has no intention of shutting her mouth, looking for her time in the spotlight I suppose since the whole beauty queen thing didn’t work out. We also know that Trump won’t back down, he can’t be humiliated after all by some young beauty pageant chick. All that being said means that this story isn’t going anywhere even though probably nothing will ever come of the lawsuit or the accusations regarding the Miss Universe organization. However that doesn’t mean the mudslinging is going to stop, this story is far from over my friends so stay tuned.

Photos by: Wenn/DJDM/Judy Eddy

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