Chris Brown Today Show Performance (Videos)

June 8, 2012

Singer Chris Brown took the stage at Rockefeller Plaza this morning as part of the Today show’s summer concert series. He was greeted by thousands of fans, some of whom have been there for days waiting to see Brown do his thing. If you missed the show don’t fret I have the videos right here for you to enjoy.

I was very surprised to tune into the Today and realize that Chris Brown’s performance didn’t suck like I thought it would. In fact he kicked off the NBC morning show’s summer concert series with a pretty freaking amazing performance.  As I said above the plaza was filled with fans of his and they all seemed very impressed with him.

Chris sang four songs including “Forever”, which happens to be one of my favorites. The other tunes he belted out were “Turn Up the Music,” “Yeah 3x” and “Don’t Wake Me Up.” All of which he rocked at and I am not even really a big fan of his. Nope ever since the whole Rihanna incident that happened a couple of years ago I just lost all respect for him as a person and an artist. I know it isn’t right to judge when you don’t know someone but that was some messed up shiz my friends.

Anyway sorry went off there for a second. All of that being said I did watch his performance on the Today show and I admit he was very good, amazing you might say. It takes a lot for me to admit that too. This doesn’t change how I feel about the singer but I figure he deserves some props. That is what I have to say about this, so why don’t you watch the videos and then let me know how good or bad you thought Chris Brown did performing on the Today show.

Photos by: Wenn/Dan Jackman

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