Diem Brown’s Cancer Returns

June 6, 2012

Diem Brown’s cancer has returned again, causing the reality star to face yet another battle with the disease.

Diem was known as the girl who tamed CT, the out of the control, fighting maniac on The Real World/Road Rules Challenge. He would curse, spit, and beat the heck out of people on the series, and was thrown off at least twice. But Diem managed to find the softer side of him and their love actually blossomed on the show.

That was back when Diem would wear a head cover because she had lost so much hair during her first fight with ovarian cancer. She tackled the issue head on in front of a national audience, and showed a vulnerable side that probably helped others who were going through the same thing.

Eventually she and CT would break up, but that wasn’t before a touching reality romance.

They appeared together again in the latest season, called Battle Of The Exes, where it seemed like they were going to hook up again, but the complications from their previous relationship were too much to overcome.

Here’s what Diem had to say through Twitter:

“My doctor just called me and I have Cancer again. Didn’t think ovarian cancer could come back. Please get internal ultrasounds every year…”

She has decided to make something positive of her struggles. Diem founded a charity called MedGift which allows anyone who is hospitalized or dealing with medical issues to post different things online like medical bills or even a wish list. Donors can then decide what they want to help out with and contribute.

Here is how she describes it:

“Any patient, from cancer to car accidents to wounded warriors, can list their hospital bills, ask for wigs, wheelchairs, certain foods or cosmetics. Their friends, family and co-workers can then go on and select an item from their patient gift registry, without even having to ask…”

I love the idea, and I didn’t even know about it. What a star. I hope she beats this again.


Photos By: WENN.COM/Fayesvision

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