Saving Hope Preview Videos

June 6, 2012

It is summer time but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck watching boring old reruns. NBC has a new show called Saving Hope that begins tomorrow night and from what I have seen it looks freaking awesome, which is why I am have some fun preview videos to share with you, woohoo.

Saving Hope debuts tomorrow night at 9PM EST. The show is about a chief surgeon who ends up in a coma. Not only does it put the hospital in chaos but the surgeon has an out of body experience and begins to see the hospital and those in his life in a whole new light.

I realize I probably didn’t give you the best description of the show so how about you take a look at the below preview video to see just how fantastic this new show looks.

If you thought that looked good then you are going to want to see this below sneak peek as well.

There is even more good stuff to come my friends. I have some awesome interview videos with three of the show’s cast members, who are giving you an insight to the show and their characters.

Michael Shanks, who plays the lead character Charlie Harris, discusses being in a coma, flashbacks as well as life and death.

Daniel Gillies gives fans an insight to his character Dr. Joel Goran, the man who basically feels that he is the center of the universe.

Erica Durance talks about her character Dr. Alex Reid and her fight to keep hope alive.

Saving Hope looks to me like it could be a hit of the summer so I would suggest to you, my faithful readers, that you plan your night accordingly tomorrow night or you set your DVR because this show is going to have people talking. That is what I think what about you?

Photos by: Wenn/Dominic Chan

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