Scout Willis Busted For Underage Drinking & Fake I.D

June 5, 2012

Scott Willis is in hot water after some antics she pulled last night in New York City. She was busted for drinking underage as well as having a fake I.D.

The middle daughter of Bruce Wills and Demi Moore was arrested in the Union Square area of New York City when police discovered her with an open container of an 8-ounce Pakistani beer. If that wasn’t bad enough the 20-year then gave the cops a New York I.D. with the name Katherine Kelly on it. Eventually she admitted her real identity and that she had no idea who the name on the fake card was, she reportedly got it from a friend.

After her admission of who she was the cops took her in and booked her. Scout was booked on charges of criminal impersonation and open container. She was released on bail earlier this morning. Although she has been released Willis is not out of the woods yet. She will have to appear in court in July to face the music so to speak.

This is not the first time that Scout has caused a little ruckus, earlier this year it was revealed that she was behind a Twitter feed that focused on thoughts about sex, drugs, cigarettes and partying. A rep for the Brown University student claimed that the whole Twitter situation was strictly part of her testing a theory on social media.

I realize this is making the news and yes I am writing about it so I am guilty too. However that being said what she did was wrong because she was underage but she wasn’t doing anything that 95% of people her age are not doing. That doesn’t make it right I know but before people get all judgey I wanted to point that out.

There will be to this story come July so be sure to check back to Right Celebrity for what happens next to Scout Willis.

Photos by: Wenn/Mr. Blue

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