Olivia Culpo Crowned Miss USA 2012

June 4, 2012

There is a new Miss USA and the honor goes to, Miss Rhode Island Olivia Culpo!

Brunette beauty Olivia Culpo is the new Miss USA and no one was more shocked than her to hear her name called. Seriously her reaction was so sincere and priceless it was awesome. If you missed the announcement never fear you can check it out in the below video.

So what exactly was it about Miss Rhode Island that made the judges choose her over Miss Maryland, who was the first runner up? Well her interview question was a big help I think. The question asked by Rob Kardashian was “Do you think it would be fair if a transgender contestant won the pageant over a natural born woman?” Olivia’s response was well crafted I must say and she basically said that she did think it would be fair but understood why people might be on the fence about it. Clearly she said it better than I just did or she wouldn’t have won. No that I think that is the only reason she won but I think it helped.

Culpo has been a cellist for 13 years and placed a lot of emphasis on importance of music education during the competition. She is also quite the dancer as she danced pretty well while Akon belted out a live performance. Currently Olivia is a sophomore at Boston University but after her recent win I have a feeling her education will be put on hold so that she can fulfill her Miss USA obligations.

As I said above, Miss Maryland, Nana Meriwhether, was runner up with Audrey Bolte; Miss Nevada, Jade Kelsall; and Miss Georgia, Jasmyn “Jazz” Wilkins rounding out the finalist. I have to say I was glad Olivia won and I thought she deserved it but then again that is just my two cents. Feel free to let me know what you thought about the pageant and who won it.


Photos by: Wenn/Judy Eddy

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