Teri Hatcher Joins Jane By Design

June 3, 2012

Teri Hatcher joins the ABC Family hit show Jane By Design as a very special guest star. That isn’t all either she will make her directorial debut with the show as well.


Although Jane By Design has its summer debut this Tuesday, Hatcher will not appear on the show until the June 19th episode. I have actually had a little glimpse of the award-winning actress doing her thing since the promos for her arrival on the show are airing all over and it looks pretty freaking good to me.

Hot on the heels of ending her amazing eight year run on Desperate Housewives, Teri will play Jane’s mother on the summer season of the ABC Family show. The mother who walked out on Jane and her brother, so the return will be quite interesting. I have watched the show since it debuted last winter and I have to say I think that Hatcher is going to be one heck of an addition. Especially from what has been told so far about Jane’s mom I get the feeling we won’t be seeing Susan Delfino this time around my friends.

As for making her directorial debut, well the actress had this to say about that topic.

“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to direct. Now that I have time, I’m excited to whole-heartedly conquer new ventures. ‘Jane By Design’ is charming, with very funny performances. I look forward to working with new and old friends over there and helping them tell stories both in front and behind the camera.”

There has not been any information regarding when the episode will be just that it will be later in the season.

The addition of Teri is generating quite a buzz for the show. Here is hoping that all the hype is correct. That is what I have to say about Hatcher joining Jane By Design, what do you think?

Photos by: Wenn

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