Soap Dish: Daytime Emmys Find A Home

June 2, 2012

It is Soap Dish time again my friends and this time I am dishing about the fantastic news that the Daytime Emmy Awards are going to be televised, woofreakinghoo!


After months of speculation the Daytime Emmy Awards are officially going to be televised. They are going to air live on the cable network HLN on June 23rd. For soap fans like myself this is fabulous news. It was touch and go as to whether or not the awards show that honors the best of daytime would even get to be seen by fans.

I was thrilled to learn HLN would be televising the show but I do admit at first I was like is that a cable network or a website? I had actually never even heard of it before. I did a little research and it is the network that is all about the must see and must have. Basically that means the network focuses on the biggest news stories of the day all day and dissects them. I know it doesn’t give you a whole lot of information, which kind of makes me wonder why the network choose to air the Daytime Emmy Awards. I mean I don’t really care why, I was just curious.

This will be the first year the awards show will not air on broadcast television. The past couple of years it was CBS and The CW. I do admit the last couple of years of the show have seriously sucked so here is hoping that having a brand new network involved will breathe new life into it. I can’t take another disappointing show that really doesn’t focus on daytime much less focus on soap operas.

Well my friends that is pretty much it for this edition of Soap Dish. I mean there isn’t much else to say on this great topic. Be sure to tune in next week to see what I am dishing about.

Photos by: Wenn/Nikki Nelson


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