‘Fab Five’ Texas Cheerleader Scandal PHOTOS

July 6, 2008

Here are the cheerleader photos of the McKinney Texas Fab Five! These girls were very naughty in school.


Fab Five Photos
McKinney Cheerleaders


Texas Cheerleader MySpace Photos

The latest news is that there is a naughty documentary about the Fab Five McKinney cheerleaders which will premiere on Lifetime in August 2008. Actress Ashley Benson plays a naughty Texas cheerleader while Tatum O’Neal plays the school principal. More photos of the Texas cheerleaders are here.

Jan. 2, 2007 – The pictures posted on MySpace.com looked like the latest installment of “Girls Gone Wild.” In them, cheerleaders from McKinney North High School in Texas exhibited all variety of bawdy behavior. One shot showed a bikini-clad girl sharing a bottle of booze with a friend. Another featured a cheerleader and several other girls in risqué poses offering glimpses of their panties. But the most infamous photo of all was taken in a Condoms To Go store. Five smiling cheerleaders dressed in uniform posed with large candles shaped like penises. At least one of them appeared to be simulating fellatio. “It would be an overstatement to describe any of the photographs as pornographic, but it would be an understatement to describe them as harmless high jinks,” wrote Harold Jones, a lawyer hired by the school district to investigate the incident. “Quite frankly, I personally found it ‘creepy’.”

Cheerleader sex scandals are nothing new. One of the following pictures is the Louisville cheerleader who had porno photos plastered all over the net. The others are the Fab Five Texas cheerleaders. Can you tell who is who?

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Texas Cheerleader Scandal

77 Responses to “‘Fab Five’ Texas Cheerleader Scandal PHOTOS”

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  1. 1
    Chocolate Says:

    OMG, now it’s scandals being popular.

    What happen next ?

  2. 2
    cheryl Says:

    let these girls go in the hood and act like they do, they won’t last 2 weeks. these girls are the reason Jesus died on the cross. karma is a terrible thing to come back on you. how u live your life comes back on you, regardless of wether it’s negative or positive. too bad teens live for the moment and don’t think about what the future holds.

  3. 3
    cheryl Says:

    i’ve seen a lot of negative stories about cheerleaders and Texas. what’s up with Texas cheerleaders? what happens after high school and college? it’s hard to make it as a professional cheerleader…… it would be interesting to see where these girls end up in 5-10 years.

  4. 4
    Kim Says:

    What’s up with Texas cheerleaders? Cheryl, I don’t think you should be judging all “Texas Cheerleaders” by the actions of a few spoiled brats….its still good people and good cheerleading squads in Texas. This scandal could have happened anywhere.

  5. 5
    Annonymous Says:

    Wow! I thougt these girls were supposed to be pretty. Looks more like a nasty dog show

  6. 6
    RKH Says:

    I Agree with response #2. Let the Fab Five step their Fab Five butts in the hood. After they get a good @## Kicking. I don’t think they would call themselves the fab five anymore.

  7. 7
    Kat Says:

    Doesn’t make you wish you were seventeen again, just so you can face them. They won’t dare mess with me.

  8. 8
    fab 5 Says:

    i love the fab five and i want to be just like them there real bitchs!!

  9. 9
    trudee Says:

    U guys r just talking about cheerleading and stepping in the hood what about how they talked to their parents and other adults. Wow even out the hood my mom would have went upside my head and not think twicw about it. And if I was driving a car she brought and almost hit her I would have met Jesus

  10. 10
    Caramelia Says:

    I believe that these girls need proper discipline from their parents. Their parents sound like poor excuses for parents. Hopefully they won’t be pregnant and lost in 5 years.
    HEY FAB FIVE PARENTS. YOU ARE LOSERS who should not have gotten pregnant. We don’t need any more Paris Hilton wannabee bitches.

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