#7DaysofSex Challenge Finale Post And Giveaway!

May 9, 2012

Ok so day seven of our 7 days of sex challenge was obviously sexless, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t do the vow renewal part. And after the week we had, I think we both really wanted to.

We sat down and talked the week out, it had certainly been an eventful one and was life changing. Though I wouldn’t say we said vows like in our wedding, we did talk about how far we have come since we met. We were 19, young, and had the world ahead of us. Now at 29 and 30, with 8 years of marriage under our belt, we still have so much ahead of us, but our future is much more planned – less sporadic. And that includes our sex life. I think when you start off so young you go through huge changes, and sometimes you grow in different directions. It doesn’t mean you love each other less, but you become different people. So growing in a relationship and learning about each other is a continuous process.

We have gone from college students, to an engaged couple (in college), married (in college, and that was a challenge), to graduates with real jobs, and now the biggest role in our lives, parents. We also have taken in my 15-year-old sister and are her legal guardians, so we have three kids! We face challenges and obstacles every day that some people never face. We have to grow as a couple to find a balance for our family that works for the five of us.
When we were first together, sex was definitely a priority. And there is no denying that it is an important part of any marriage. Now with three kids, a house, car payment, student loans, bills, a small business we are trying to get off the ground, and regular jobs, it definitely takes a back seat.

But this week we learned that it shouldn’t. And there are things we can do to ensure we stay intimate, sporadic and in love. We need that, and our kids need us to. We are bickering less, and laughing more. We learned that making time for each other, listening to each other, watching less tv and putting or frickin’ smart phones down can really allow us to focus on our relationship and can increase our communication and connection.

Thank you Lifetime for this opportunity, it came at the right time for us and we really grew as a couple.

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