7 Days Of Sex Day 6: His Last Chance

May 7, 2012

So today is day 6 of our Lifetime’s seven days of sex challenge… and my water broke. HA!!! And it was hubby’s turn!

Obviously this post is a happening after the fact, as even I will not blog while in labor! I have to say I do believe that this challenge brought my husband and I closer, it set the tone for what was to come and allowed us to be on the same page emotionally and spiritually. And who knows, maybe all the sex made me go into labor! Liam arrived on his due date!

I did an all natural water birth at a birthing center and it was an overwhelming experience. My husband was my rock during my labor. He held me for hours while I dozed in between contractions and supported me while I was in the most indescribable pain. I could not have done it without his support. I felt like we were truly connected and brought our child into this world as a united, connected couple.

This challenge definitely helped us in the aspect that we were ready for our baby and I was able endure natural labor with his support because we were so connected. In the days prior to our sons birth, we both really put in effort for our relationship and our connection and commitment to each other. It was the perfect way to bring our new addition into this world. We are a much stronger family and I am appreciative of this challenge for that.

As for how this challenge will help us down the road – well, we will see in six weeks, when I am in the clear for sex again. Look out for that post!

How is the challenge going for you? Have you had any break throughs? Has it been more difficult than you imagined? Hit me up on twitter – #7daysofsex

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