Seven Days of Sex Day 4: Hump Day

May 5, 2012

About to pop!!!

Here we are day four and I am tired! It has been an exhausting week (in fact these are being posted very late and I’ll tell ya, why in a bit!!)

We have been through the ringer this week and I think this challenge is keeping s connected. Otherwise we may be short(er) with each other and not really be on any kind of romantic level at all. Bills, kids and being in labor for a few days will do that to you!

That is right, on day 3 I started having contractions. Not enough to do anything but enough to make me very uncomfortable. I am hoping to get this baby out while my blood pressure is still manageable. I am doing a natural water birth at a birth center and if my blood pressure goes too high, I will have to transfer care to a doctor in a hospital.

So I am so glad we are having sex daily! Maybe it is what is starting to get things going here!!!

Today was hump day and it went well. We went to my weekly midwife appointment, listened to the baby’s heartbeat, my blood pressure was still manageable – things are looking good. Big brother is excited.

We stop off for some food, it is late and we have some errands to run. The only thing we texted about was business. So romantic.

Hubby made up for it when we got home. I took a nice bath, shaved my legs (this is a special occasion people) and he played with our son, wearing him out in the front yard letting him drive his Lightening McQueen car around like a mad man.

We did bath and put our son to sleep and hubby got things going with a nice massage, complete with oil. He hates the oil so that is some serious effort on his part. It was not anything crazy but it was nice and calm, and a good way to end the night. Hubby did well☺

How is your challenge going so far? #7daysofsex

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