7 Days Of Sex: Day 3 She’s On Top

May 2, 2012

Here we are day three and it is my turn to plan. We have eaten out for the past few nights so I decided to cook one of my hubby’s favorite meals – shepherds pie. He loves it, it is his comfort food, but I don’t make it that often cause it is quite a bit of work. And did I mention being 9 months pregnant?

Well this is all about effort, so I decided to put in some extra. I did decide that dessert, icecream at our favorite place Campbell’s Dairyland. Yum. I know he definitely appreciated the effort I put in, he thanked me repeatedly:)

We came home and watched some Monster Jam on tv as a family, our son is currently OBSESSED. Then we went and cuddled in bed for a while, talking about the crazy week so far.

Hubby’s grandfather is doing better and should be released from the hospital soon, and my blood pressure is manageable for now, so they are not looking to induce for now. Thank God.

I am exhausted but we fall asleep in each others arms which is REALLY nice, especially considering that we are in for little to no sleep or personal time coming up here shortly. Lol.

I think it is nice we are being challenged to make this time and effort for our relationship. We are on the same page right now and that is so important with the big life change that is coming up.

A true blessing if you ask me! How are things going for you in the 7 days of sex challenge? Is it working? Making things better or worse?

Hit me up on twitter and let me know. Use the hashtag #7daysofsex and lets talk!!

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