Chris Brown’s Dog Breeding Scandal Grows

April 29, 2012

Chris Brown can’t catch a break, even when it comes to his dogs. There is a scandal brewing again, but this time it’s hard to tell if he has even done anything wrong.

All that has happened is that Chris Brown posted a picture of himself with some puppies and even tried to sell one or two of them on a breeder’s website. Next thing you know PETA is making statements about it.

First off, I’m no big fan of his. All I had to see was the picture of Rihanna after the beating he was convicted of giving her. It’s just disgusting. To me, there is no such thing as “snapping” to the point that you do that to someone.

But that was the past. Since then, every publication from TMZ to the Florida Alligator have completely destroyed his every move. He can’t even Tweet something without getting owned. I usually like it, and I think it’s well deserved.

This puppy conspiracy has me a little confused. According to reports, he could be breeding pit bulls for profit. Sure, that’s a pretty low thing to do. There are way too many of them, and let’s be honest, the Hip Hop community’s obsession with Pit Bull’s has nothing to do with how cute they are.

The worst part is that his manager posted the message “CHRIS BROWN PUPPIES FOR SALE,” that came with a link to the website mentioned above. So is he breeding dogs? His people say no, that they are actually puppies from a litter his family had in Virginia.

They added that he “loves dogs.”

That’s all fine, well, and good. But usually people who are violent to people, are also violent to animals. That doesn’t sit well with me.

I guess this little venture may be over now that some light has been shined on it. We’ll have to wait and see if he tries to sell anymore dogs…


Photos By: WENN

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