Lifetime’s 7 Days Of Sex Challenge Day 1: Anything Goes

April 29, 2012

Okay here we are, day one of Lifetime’s 7 Days of Sex Challenge. Honestly if it weren’t for this challenge we would not have done anything but sleep. It has been a long week. I had a week full of DR appointments and was in the hospital for slightly high blood pressure so they wanted to do non-stress test on the baby and I.

Thankfully everything turned out okay and we were sent on our way. Still it was an exhausting week to say the least.

This challenge encourages a week-long timeframe to really try and revitalize and rejuvenate your relationship and I think that it is a great idea for couples, not only ones having issues. It is all about staying connected and keeping your relationship strong, the sex is just the bonus. We definitely encourage you (YES you!!!!) to take the challenge with us and see how it improves your relationship!

After a long week we used a giftcard to go to dinner out! It was a treat! We typically don’t do dinner out as we are trying to save for the new baby. Additionally, we rarely go on dates. After this week, we needed it. Call in the grandparents and we hit up Cheesecake factory. Yummy food we both like and cheesecake for knocked up mama.

We came home full and relaxed! Once Baby hit the sack, we used the Lafco Boudoir Candle. If you don’t know about this candle it is divine. It is designed to create “a heady, sensual fragrance to stimulate the senses and inspire desire.”

It worked well;)

We felt rejuvenated after a long week and it was nice to really focus on spending some time together. IF it weren’t for the challenge, I am not sure we would have done it. I feel like it is really helping us stay connected and is maybe something we need to take the time to do more often.

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