Survivor One World Episode 11 Recap

April 26, 2012

We begin our recap of Survivor One World, Episode 11 on Night 27. The gang returns to Tikiano Beach after voting off Leif. Of the 8 remaining players, Troyzan and Tarzan are the only two men left. And Tarzan voted with the women, so Troy is on his own. Kim was nervous during Tribal Council as Troy was trying to stir up trouble for her, but her alliances held firm. Troyzan must now win every Immunity Challenge to stay alive in The Game!

Jeff Probst watches the Battle of Troyzan on Survivor One World this week. Image Credit: PNP /

Day 28 and tree mail brings news of another Reward Challenge. Its the old Consensus Quiz where players must match their answers to what the majority think about other players. For each correct answer, you get to chop one of three ropes holding a ′doll′ made up to look like a player. After the third rope is cut, the doll falls into a fire and that player is out. This event usually lets everybody know where they stand in the Tribal Pecking Order. The prize is a picnic for the winner and guests.

Needless to say, Troyzan is the first player eliminated. This after we learn that the tribe as a whole considers Christina the least deserving to be there and Kim being the most trusted. Kat is considered the most in need of a wake up call. That question puts Tarzan and Chelsea out. A couple more questions, where Troyzan is the biggest poser and Sabrina the laziest, finishes Kat, Sabrina and Christina. Kim wins over Alicia, but Kim takes her, as well as Chelsea, on the prize picnic. Troyzan stirs the pot of mistrust and envy.

The picnic is a nervous one for the winners, because they know that Troyzan is busy causing trouble while they are away. Not to mention how the answers to the quiz questions may also have offended some of their allies. Sure enough, back at camp, Kat is fuming. She′s hungry and wanted to eat. She feels dissed that Kim took Alicia and Chelsea over her. Troy spins a web of envy, telling Kat that Kim and Chelsea are running the show and have shown their hand at who will be the Final Three. Sabrina attempts to do damage control with Kat and she also sees that Christina is being swayed by Troyzan. The winners return early and Kim has a chat with Kat to calm her down.

Day 29 begins with a rain storm. While the gang hide in their shelter, a wild pig wanders into camp. The Great Pig Race is on! All hands on deck as they try to capture the wild pig. You have to wonder what they would do if they actually caught it? Do any of these people know how to butcher a pig? Luckily, they decide to make it a pet instead.

Day 30 and its time for the Immunity Challenge. Its a slip-n-slide ring toss event. Divided into pairs, players will compete as they slide down a slippery track to fetch a rope ring which they must then toss and score a point by hitting a hooked-pole. Chelsea beats Alicia, Kat beats Sabrina, Tarzan beats Troyzan and Kim beats Christina in Round One. In the next round, two rope rings for each are in play. Chelsea beats Kat and Kim beats Tarzan, advancing them to the final round with three rope rings. Kim wins immunity.

Back at camp, Troyzan scrambles, knowing he is the target. The others still think he has a hidden immunity idol, so Kim and Chelsea decide to split the vote with Sabrina and Tarzan voting for Christina, just in case. Sabrina actually warns Christina ahead of time, who in turn tells Troyzan. He decides to work to getting a couple more people voting for Christina. While chatting up Kat, she tells Troyzan that she will gladly vote to boot Chelsea.

At Tribal Council, Troyzan tells Jeff Probst that the women are against the men, or man, since Tarzan is part of the women′s voting block. Sabrina is asked about the pecking order and gives a dubious answer. Christina is also uncertain about who the top three players are. She also feels hurt from the Reward quiz about her not deserving to be there. Kim acknowledges that the RC left several people unhappy. Kat tells all that she is still unhappy.

Its time to vote. We watch Troyzan vote for Christina, Kim for for Troyzan and Christina vote for Chelsea. No idol is played as Jeff counts the votes. Sabrina and Tarzan did indeed vote for Christina, but the rest voted to boot Troyzan. As he leaves, he tells Kat, ″Do it!″ Jeff congratulates the gang for finally getting rid of Troyzan, but asks them, ″Now what?″

Spoilers for next week show how Tarzan is the last man standing. The women are becoming more divided. Kat and Sabrina seem to be ready to do something to shake things up. But is it too little, too late? Tune in next week for another recap of Survivor One World!

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