Lifetime’s 7 Days Of Sex Challenge

April 24, 2012

I am so excited…and nervous! We are participating in Lifetime’s Seven Days of Sex Challenge!

When I was emailed about this opportunity, I was taken aback. I had to think about if I could really do this. But then I got to thinking; these couples are doing it and they are on TV!

Though my marriage is not in trouble, we have been married for 8 years, have two kids, another on the way and the stress of everyday life definitely takes its toll. Sex is not a priority any more, not like it was the first few years, and I will admit, spicing things up is not a bad idea.

Especially being that I am pregnant! Sometimes we are just too tired, not in the mood, or plain and simple – I feel HUGE! But I also know that after baby it won’t be any easier, and in fact, it will be more challenging.  The last time I really struggled with feeling okay having sex. My body changed in so many ways and I felt different. It was a real struggle. Perhaps this challenge will pave the way for us to really connect before the baby’s arrival, and lead us into an easier transition after baby.


Here are some details on the Lifetime’s Seven Days of Sex, which airs on Thursday April 26 at 10/9c.


After 7 days you won’t believe what these couples discover about themselves underneath the sheets. When the going gets tough, could your marriage survive…7 Days of Sex?

The kids, the bills, working late hours…in relationships it’s the little things that can lead to big problems. Each week this all new reality series follows two new couples whose marriages’ are at a cross-roads and have agreed to a do-it-yourself marriage fix. Sex…we think of it as naughty, racy and fun, but maybe it’s more than that — maybe it’s actually good for you! Tune in and find out.


What do you think? Is this something you could do? Do you think sex can save your marriage?

There is no denying that sex is a huge part of marriage, and not having it can definitely damage a marriage. I give these people props for airing their laundry out on television, I will be tuning in for sure!


Be sure to check back as I blog and Tweet MY business all over the internet. And we will also have a cool prize for one of our readers! This is gonna be fun!


Check out some video clips from the show here. Just click to view.




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