Hart of Dixie ‘Destiny & Denial’ Episode Review

April 23, 2012

This week’s Hart of Dixie was a highly anticipated our now that George and lemon are no longer an item in the possibility of a hookup between so he and George could be on the horizon get our episode review below of this week ‘Destiny and Denial’.

After seeing the trailer for this week’s latest hour of the CW’s Hart of Dixie, I was excited to see how things would play out between George and Zoe, as well as how Lemon’s father would react now that the affair between Lavon and Lemon has been exposed.


Instead of opening with a sad George and another one night stand for Wade, everything was just the opposite.  George was happy and dancing around Bluebell’s town square, greeting Lemon holding his favorite cake as an apology and Zoe with hot soup out of a can.  Not what I expected.  There is certainly something wrong with George.  Could it be the taste of freedom or just denial that his future has changed so fast.  Either way George is scaring Lemon and wooing Zoe with his new attitude towards finding his destiny.


Luckily the over the top George finally hits a wall…after a great kissing scene with Zoe.  While off to have some fun in New Orleans, George and Lemon’s wedding song snaps him into reality and a new emotion – anger.


Stepping back from his quick fling with Zoe (if you can call it that) George heads home to let Lemon know just how hurt he is and mad.  Meanwhile, Zoe doesn’t appear hurt, but hopeful that there is a chance to have a relationship with George.

While things were serious on the Lemon/George/Zoe front, Wade’s rough night on the town brought a funny side to the episode.  Naked, stealing clothes off of a laundry line and having a boy’s sleepover with Tom, he has finally decided that he needs to clean up his act.  Lavon also underwent a small wake up call but on another level after George punches him square in the face.


Here’s what’s to come in Hart of Dixie’s April 23rd episode titled ‘The Race and The Relationship’.  “Wade signs up for the Bluebell Battle in hopes of winning the five thousand dollar prize, but when he strikes out finding someone to be his race partner, he must swallow his pride and ask Zoe. Meanwhile, Rose (McKaley Miller) is jumping for joy when Frederick Dean (guest star Drew Koles) finally asks her out on a date, and George and Lemon meet with Reverend Mayfair (guest star Peter Mackenzie) to discuss their relationship issues. ”









Credit: The CW

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