Justin Bieber Mocks Baby Mama Accuser Mariah Yeater via Twitter

April 22, 2012

Remember that pesky Justin Bieber baby rumor that was everywhere? Well the pop singer has decided to mock the young woman who accused him of fathering her child. Oh yes nothing like Twitter and a teen pop sensation to make a serious matter entertaining.

On Saturday Bieber ended an hour of random tweeting with fans by mocking Mariah Yeater, who you all may or may not know as the woman who accused him of being her baby’s daddy. He Tweeted the below message to the accuser:

“Dear mariah yeeter [sic] …we have never met…so from the heart I just wanted to say…”

The message also included a YouTube link to Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat character repeating the words “You’ll never get this”. You can see that video that I am referring to in below; it is hysterical as I am sure you guessed.

Not that I am sure you need any reminding but a few months ago Yeater filed a lawsuit saying Bieber was the father of her child. The “Baby” singer stood strong and denied that he was the father, he even took a paternity test and Mariah’s case quickly crumbled. Later the lawsuit was dropped when it became clear she was nothing but a liar.

Although I am ashamed to admit that I do follow Justin on Twitter, I have to say I was kind of entertained by his little taut Tweet. I know it is childish but hey the chick did try to ruin his life. Plus let us all remember that Biebs is just a teen himself. That is what I have to say about this rather interesting Tweeting topic now as always I want to know your thoughts on Justin Bieber’s Tweet to the woman who accused him of being her baby daddy. Come on spill it I know you have something to say.

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