Survivor One World Episode 10 Recap

April 19, 2012

We begin our recap of Survivor One World, Episode 10 on Night 25. The gang has returned to Tikiano Beack after Tribal Council, where the ladies voted Jay out. Troyzan survived the ordeal thanks to playing his hidden immunity idol. But now the gloves are off as the women want him gone. But Troyzan has other plans and intends to stick around.

Jeff Probst auctions food and letters from home on Survivor One World. Image Credit:

Day 26 and Troyzan attempts to convince Chelsea that he deserves to stay more so than others. Chelsea tells him to ′take-it-like-a-man′ and accept his fate. Troyzan sums up this is how women universally treat men, just keep them around so long as they are needed, then cut them loose. LOL!

Tree mail arrives with packets for each containing $500 in $20 bills. Yankee dollars…, legal tender! The Reward Challenge is a Survivor auction. No pooling of cash allowed. Chelsea is first to win, a plate of three donuts and an iced coffee for $160. Sabrina buys chips dip and a margarita for $400. Kim wins a shower for $40, then later a tub of peanut butter and chocolate for $240. Kat buys a BLT with chips and an iced tea for $180. Tarzan tells Jeff he′s saving his $500 to get new shocks for his truck. But that changes after Alicia buys a letter from home for $500. Tarzan spends his cash, too, on his letter. Troyzan and Christina have a bidding war to win an advantage at the Immunity Challenge, which Troy gets for $420. The last item is a strawberry cake that Kat wins for $160, but she must share it with the others, whom only have 60 seconds to consume it.

Back at camp, Troyzan reads the advantage and learns that he will automatically get a spot in the second round of the next IC. He starts poking around looking to see if there is another immunity idol hidden somewhere. The others notice him and start to follow. Kim watches him closely as Troy pretends to find an idol. This sends the women into a panic on what to do next?

Day 27 and it is time for the dreaded Immunity Challenge. All, except Troy, will compete in the first round of untying a knotted rope. The first three will join Troy in Round 2, where they must break 3 targets bouncing a coconut off a net. The first two move on to the final round, attacking a 9-square target with coconuts hurled by a slingshot to get 3 hits in a row. Kim, Tarzan and Christina join Troyzan in Round 2. In the final round, it is between Troyzan and Tarzan. Troy wins and gloats and struts over his victory.

Returning to camp, Tarzan tells Troy that he needs to behave himself and ″be noble″ in his victory. Troy could care less about nobility, he′s struggling to stay alive in The Game. Kim and Chelsea discuss their alternative plan, targeting either Leif or Tarzan. Troy has a plan of his own, trying to convince Tarzan, Leif, Christina and Alicia that now is the time to act and boot Kim. He warns them of the Kim-Chelsea-Kat-Sabrina power alliance. Will they listen?

At Tribal Council, Troyzan continues to revel in his victory. The women hate his attitude. Sabrina and Troy spar and bicker so much that even Jeff Probst is getting annoyed. Troy spells out to all what the Power Alliance is all about and how tonight is the chance to do something about it. Christina and Alicia admit that they are struggling as to who to trust and believe?

It’s time to vote. We see Troyzan vote for Kim and Chelsea vote for Leif. Jeff gathers the ballots and Kim does not play her idol. No problem she only got two votes, one from Troy and one from Leif. Alicia, Christina and Kim all voted to boot Tarzan. The rest, including Tarzan, voted to boot Leif with 4 votes. So Tarzan is the traitor! Leif is sent packing and the ′game is afoot′ once again.

Spoilers for next week′s episode of Survivor One World show that the women are coming unglued. Their alliance is shattered. Troyzan uses this opportunity to strike and form a new alliance. Will he succeed? Tune in next week for our next recap of Survivor One World!

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