Soap Dish: Days of Lives Mass Firings

April 15, 2012

It is Soap Dish time again my friends and this week I am dishing on the recent firings at Days of Our Lives. Oh yes there is going to be a mass exodus this summer and not by the actor/actresses choice.

This week the new head writers at DOOL came in and well started to clean house. The story broke earlier in the week with many of the fans and the actors themselves taking to Twitter to talk about what I am calling a bloodbath. Christie Clark (Carrie), Patrick Muldoon (Austin), Matthew Ashford (Jack) and Sarah Joy Brown (Madison) were all given their walking papers.

Let me start first with Matthew, this is like what the tenth time the show has done this to him. His talent was so wasted this time and I certainly hope that next time he thinks twice before accepting an offer to return. On that same note if I were Melissa Reeves I would be watching my back because I think it is only a matter of time before she is given the pink slip.

As for Christie and Patrick although I love their characters I don’t feel they were given a stellar storyline either. It was kind of a been there done that situation with the characters of Carrie and Austin. Seriously Carrie and Sami falling both being in love with Rafe is so 1990’s, that being said though I still don’t think they should have been fired, just perhaps given a more creative storyline.

Finally Sarah Brown who I love as an actress. I am really baffled by her firing. Madison is a great character intertwined with so many people. Plus I think she and Brady are an awesome couple, finally some new blood for Brady who hasn’t had the best love life.

All in all I have to say to Days what are you thinking. The reboot last fall finally put some life back into the show. Bringing back old fan faves and placing them with new young talent, like Chandler Massey for example, was a winning formula for the show. Now with all these shake-ups I fear that DOOL is headed for the graveyard come September 2013. Here is hoping the powers that be at the show get their act together soon.

Photos by: Wenn/Jody Cortes

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