Survivor One World, Episode 9 Recap

April 12, 2012

We begin our recap of Episode 9 of Survivor One World on Day 23. Not everyone in the Tikiano Tribe had a good night of sleep. Jay dreamed that he was shot! He was not happy that Mike was voted out the night before. Troyzan is happy, as he believed the women who told him that Mike was out gunning for him. But now in the clear light of day, Jay and Troyzan are growing worried that the women are becoming too powerful. Troy tells Jay that there is a hidden immunity idol out there and that it may hold the key to success.

Jeff Probts tempts the contestants of Survivor One World with food. Image Credit: PNP /

The whole tribe goes to fetch the day′s tree-mail. There are a bunch of parts and a message for the Reward Challenge. Its a bolo-throwing contest. They divide into two teams of five each and take a turn throwing the bolo at a target. Different ‘branches’ of the target are worth between 1 to 5 points. The team with the highest score wins a BBQ on a secluded beach.

The Black Team has Chelsea, Christina, Kim, Sabrina and Leif. The Red Team has Alicia, Kat, Jay, Troyzan and Tarzan. The Red Team scores twice a 2-pointer and a 4-pointer for a total score of 6. Christina manages to score 1 point for the Black Team. Sabrina takes their last toss, aiming for the 5-point branch, but misses. Red wins!

The winners immediately depart for the BBQ. The boat ride starts them off with some rum drink. At BBQ Beach, local natives are busy cooking fish and crabs as the winners dig in on the beer and rum. After gorging, Jay chats with Kat about strategy, hoping that Christina will be the next target.

On Day 24, the women discuss what the men want. Should they play along and dump Christina? Or should they take out either Jay or Troyzan depending on who wins immunity? The consensus is to get rid of more men. But Chelsea has some qualms about it since she has promised both Troy and Jay protection. Meanwhile, the two marked men are rethinking their plans and decide that Alicia should go next. Jay talks with Kat about it and are then joined by Sabrina and Kim. The women agree to his plan, even though they have one of their own.

Day 25 and it’s time for the Immunity Challenge. It’s to be a simple endurance test. Each stands barefoot on a small wooden perch with one raised armed tethered to a bucket filled with colored water. Last one standing wins. Tarzan bails out immediately. Jeff Probst then begins to tempt the remaining players with food. Sabrina quits for milk and cookies. Kim and Kat share milk and cupcakes. Alicia quits for a bowl of candy. After 45 minutes, it is Chelsea versus The Men. Troyzan loses his balance and is out. Jay bows out for some chicken wings and beer, even though he does not drink beer. Chelsea and Leif discuss the situation. She assures him that he is safe, so Leif bails out for a burger and beer. Chelsea wins immunity, and even gets a bite of food from Leif!

Back at camp, the fun begins. Chelsea is comfortable booting Troyzan out, but she and Kim decide that they should split their votes just in case Troy or Jay has an idol. Kim lies directly to Troyzan who becomes suspicious of her. He then starts scheming to boot Kim. Jay still wants to boot Alicia, so he blabs to Kim about what Troy is doing. Dummy!

At Tribal Council, paranoia is the name of the game. Troyzan is paranoid about the women. Jay does not feel safe. Neither does Kim. Chelsea says that paranoia is part of The Game. After the Immunity Challenge, all of the old alliances are being tested. Rumors of hidden idols abound and Tarzan is still a nut.

It’s time to vote! We see Jay vote for Alicia and Troyzan vote for Kim. We also see Kat vote for Troy. Jeff collects the ballots and asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol. Troyzan takes his out and plays it. Jeff tallies the votes. Troyzan just got two, one from Kat and from Chelsea. Alicia got two from Jay and Leif. Troy′s vote against Kim was her only one. The rest give Jay the boot! Dreams do come true!

Thus ends this week′s recap of Episode 9 of Survivor One World. Spoilers for next week show Troyzan on the defensive, fighting to stay alive. Can he over come the numbers? Will he succeed in sticking around any longer? Tune in next week to find out!

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