Whitney Houston 911 Tape Released (LISTEN)

April 11, 2012

The Whitney Houston 911 tape has been released. It offers up a few more details about exactly how things unfolded the night she passed away and was found in a hotel room bathtub.

The tape itself is very routine and devoid of emotion. That’s mostly because the call was made by someone who works at the hotel, and of course the 911 operator is just following protocol.


All you get is that there is a 46-year-old woman not breathing in a bathtub. That we already knew.


The thing that is newly revealed is that the person who called the front desk from the room was irate and was hanging up on hotel security. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t call 911. The first thing that comes to mind is the way the people around Michael Jackson responded during the first moments after he was found unresponsive.


It seems like in both cases the people simply don’t call 911 immediately.


In the case of Whitney Houston, the caller says that security was being sent to the room, but the 911 operator tries to get someone to administer CPR. The only problem is that the hotel worker can’t get through to whoever is in the room with her.


I wonder if those precious moments could have made a difference? What if the person in the room placed the call to police instead of the front desk? Could they have immediately started CPR and maybe saved her?


That’s a question that may haunt her fans forever, but it’s worth asking.


At the end of the call, the only thing we are left with is that police and fire were coming to respond to a report of a person not breathing.


That person, Whitney Houston, never came back.

Photos By: WENN/Owen Beiny

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