Donald Trump Fires the Hulk

April 9, 2012

On Celebrity Apprentice last night, Donald Trump fired the Hulk! Yes, Lou Ferrigno was sent home after his team lost yet again. Our Celebrity Apprentice recap will show Forte has not improved at all since the team went from being all women to a mixed, co-ed team. Could it be that those members of Forte who were fired earlier are right? That the team′s problems stem from Lisa Lampanelli injecting herself far too much in the creative formula and too much power during the execution of tasks? One thing is certain, there is no love lost between Lisa and Lou!

Lou Ferringo joins the unemployed after his team loses again on Celebrity Apprentice. Image Credit: Judy Eddy /

The task this week was to make a 60-second video commercial for Dayana immediately declares that she will be the Project Manager for Forte before they can discuss the job. Team Unanimous does take the time to huddle and Teresa volunteers again to be the PM. She lost her last task as PM by a mere $14 and wants a second try to win for her charity. throws in $40,000 with the usual $20,000, making a juicy payday for somebody.

At Forte, we learn that once again, Penn has to split to do a show. Luckily, he stays around long enough to tell Dayana what is all about. Yes, she IS that CLUELESS! But Dayana catches on fast and comes up with a theme of showing how a couple use the coupons from to start dating, then the marriage proposal, the honeymoon and finally to buy things for their first child. Penn is agreeable and Lisa plays along. Lou wants to act in the commercial, but the others decide to just hire a pair to play the couple and keep it simple and campy.

Over at Unanimous, Aubrey and Arsenio have a chat to clear the air over their issues. Arsenio apologizes her upsetting her and hints around about having much on his mind, etc. She accepts and things go smoothly. Teresa wants to focus on showing the ease and advantages of using She wants Paul to play a square-father to Aubrey, who is planning a date with her boyfriend using the smartphone app.

Both teams get rolling on preparing their commercials. Penn sticks around long enough to help write the script with Lisa and Dayana, and to add input during the start of the filming. Lou still thinks he should play the boyfriend, even though he is 30 years older than the actress playing the girlfriend. Then Lou starts suggesting other changes, such as camera angles and such, instead of working on his assigned task of making posters for the presentation. Don Jr. shows up and seems impressed that everyone is cooperating with Dayana and that the usual drama around her is absent.

Ivanka stops by to visit Unanimous and at first does not recognize Paul. His beefy arms loaded with tattoos are covered up, his earrings are gone and even his mustache has been colored. Paul looks more like Clark Griswald than his normal appearance as a hardcore biker. Teresa starts to tell Ivanka about their concept but Aubrey, naturally, butts in and rambles on and on about its artistic appeal. Ivanka tells the gang that just seeing Paul in his make-over was worth the trip downtown!

The executives from watch the two commercials the next day. They share their views with Don Jr. and Ivanka over the pluses and minuses of both teams and their concepts. Unanimous was a bit more risque than they prefer. Forte seemed too conventional and failed to show the app in action, though they did show its versatility on either on PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

In the Board Room, Lou and Lisa went at it almost immediately. Lou is unhappy about her calling him useless. Lisa is just unhappy. After Trump has heard enough of their troubles, he turns his attention to Aubrey. She tells The Donald that Arsenio and her have moved on and all is well. No drama here! Trump tries to stir something up but nobody on Unanimous is taking the bait. Both teams watch each other′s videos. Lou says he likes the one by Unanimous more. BINGO! DRAMA! Trump has fun while Lou and Lisa spar yet again.

Donald finally informs Teresa that she won the task and Unanimous heads to the Champagne Room to celebrate. Penn, who has been quiet, joins the ′Toss-Lou-Under-The-Bus′ crowd and makes nice with Lisa and Dayana. Dayana admits that Lou did make some suggestions during the actual filming, but argues that it was too late and he said nothing during the planning stage. Lisa and Lou get in another round of name calling. After the usual break, Dayana returns to the Board Room with Lou and Lisa. So we get one more good verbal battle between Lou and Lisa before Trump has heard enough. The Donald is unhappy with Lou being so disloyal to his own team. Trump fires Lou Ferrigno, who begs Donald to change his mind. No dice, bub! You′re outta here! Spoilers for next week′s episode of Celebrity Apprentice show Lisa Lampanelli having yet another meltdown. We can guess who she′s mad at this time… Dayana!

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