Ghost Hunters & Monster Man Sneak Peek Videos

April 8, 2012

This Wednesday Syfy has brand new episodes of the shows Ghost Hunters and Monster Man. If you aren’t watching these two shows then trust me when I say you should be and just to prove to you what you are missing I have some fantastic sneak peek videos for you.

I realize that Ghost Hunters as well as Monster Man are well not your every day type of reality show but that is why I personally like each of them. On Wednesday each show is back with new episodes that are going to be awesome. Personally I can’t get enough of both shows but them again I love these types of reality shows.

On Ghost Hunters, Jay and Grant head to a frat house where they investigate a noise of footsteps in the attic of the house. The duo set up the electromagnetic field meter and begin calling out for their presence to be known. Will Jay and Grant find what they are looking for or will they be left in the dark all alone?

Immediately following Ghost Hunter is Monster Man and this time Jason “Wee-Man” Acuna guest stars. The team has to create a cast using Jason’s own head but the task gets difficult when the guest star can’t seem to sit still. Will the task get done or will Acuna prevent the team from finishing the task at hand?

That my friends and oh so much more will be happening on both of these amazing shows. The fun begins at 9PM EST on Syfy so set your DVR or plan your night according but be sure that you don’t miss these hit shows. Then after you watch them come back here and let me know what you thought of each of them. You know how I love you opinion, especially when it comes to TV!

Photos by: Wenn/Patricia Schlein

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