Anne Hathaway Extreme Dieting For Les Miserables Role?

April 7, 2012

The rumor mill is a buzz that the already skinny Anne Hathaway is on an extreme diet for her new role in the upcoming Les Miserables film. So is there any truth to these wild accusations, well that depends on who you believe.

Us Weekly is reporting that Anne is on a 500 calorie a day diet in order to drop a whopping 16 pounds in just three short weeks. The reason for the denervation diet is thanks to her new role as prostitute stricken with a terminal case of tuberculosis in the film adaptation of the hit musical Les Miserables. She will play Fantine.

A rep for the actress has confirmed that Anne is losing weight for the role but that the numbers being reported are heavily exaggerated. That means that the 500 calories a day and the 16 pounds in three weeks are not entirely accurate despite the rumors to the contrary. Along with following a diet her rep confirmed that she also endured a grueling workout in preparation for the role.

I know this isn’t the first time that Hathaway has dropped pounds for a role. Previously she dropped pounds for her role in Catwoman, which was a total bomb but she did look freaking amazing I have to say. However what I do not understand is why she has to lose weight at all. I mean it isn’t like she really needs to lose weight, in fact I personally think that she is too skinny as it is but then again what do I know. I could turn this whole thing into a big rant about too skinny actresses but instead I will simply say that however she is losing the weight I hope that Anne is doing it the right way. That is what I think about what are your thoughts on this topic?


Photos by: Wenn/PNP/C.Smith/Owen Beiny

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